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About us

About Us Euphoria Lifestyles

Ooly LeJeune is an Ascension Parish native who looks forward to the Christmas season each year. From decorating to shopping, parties, giving gifts and attending Christmas mass, she and her family are ALL in on spreading holiday cheer to all. Ooly mentioned off-hand that she would love to open a Christmas store once, and she never knew how that “crazy” idea would evolve.

The Christmas idea quickly turned into something much larger. It started with added florals designed by Ann Tureau, a well-known local floral designer. The BEST in the business!! Then it was off to a gift and accessories market to load up on unique and beautiful products many would enjoy!! Anyone who knows this family – knows that shopping is one of their favorite hobbies. As the team started stocking shelves, ordering more items, and preparing to open, the opportunity arose to hire Dale Minvielle as the boutique manager. So here the Euphoria team is today with a gift/décor/party supply/Christmas boutique open all year round.

Ooly, Ann and Dale look forward to seeing where this adventure leads. They can’t wait to see old friends again and make new friends, too. They are planning fun events for each season and hope to give back to the community of Ascension Parish.

XOXO, Team Euphoria
XOXO, Team Euphoria